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Additional Realism 7.2E

... a unique Minecraft resource-pack that emulates shader-pack features. Marvelous custom skies. Lightmap and shadows. This and much more awaits you! Get yours and toggle on the realism!

Transform Your Minecraft Experience! Get Additional Realism!

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Our unique, shader-like resource-pack.
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Realistic illumination thanks to tuned up lightmap.
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Better snowflakes thanks to massive particle refinement.
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Shadows?! Yes, again thanks to our tuned up lightmap.
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Immersive, dark night featuring UHD moon texture.
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Beautiful sunset and sunrise.
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Better raindrops thanks to particle refinement.
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The features work well together.

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Project MELIOR JE contains all features of Additional Realism and much more. Additional Realism is a subset of Project MELIOR JE.

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